We Unite and Fight
Please Vote for IP Kin Yuen

Candidate for the 2016 Legislative Council Election (Education Constituency)
4 September, 2016

Dear Fellow Teachers,

eng0-150x150It has been a hectic four years since I was elected as the Legislative Councillor of the Education Constituency – the refusal of CY LEUNG’s Government to listen to the public has created fragmentations in our society. Our Secretary for Education is weak and ineffective and many of his education policies are misguided. Our frontline teachers have suffered because of the many bad decisions made by the Government. In view of the many incidences of incompetence, I pledge to bring about changes.

I keep reminding myself that the duties of a representative from the education sector are to shield our principles and professionalism, to safeguard the rights and interests of our teachers and students, as well as to create better and more liberal learning and teaching environments. Preventing the deterioration of the quality of policies and defending our core values of justice, democracy, freedom and the rule of law, etc. are fundamentally the ethics that a lawmaker should also have.

I was never absent in any of the meetings of the Panel on Education in the Legislative Council and I took part in the law-making processes relating to education policies. In the past four years, I raised more than 300 education-related questions when examining the budgets of the Government.

My aspirations for the next term are huge. Our education system must be supported by better policies and it is necessary for our teachers to recuperate from all the harm that has been inflicted upon them by the incompetent Government. Hong Kong needs a sincere Chief Executive who safeguards our values and attaches great importance to education, a Secretary for Education who is competent and efficient, as well as a legislature that vigorously monitors the operation of our government.

For our city and for our education system, I am determined to make strenuous and sustained efforts to bring about improvements. We need your support for a more prosperous Hong Kong!

IP Kin Yuen

Personal Data

Education and Professional Qualifications:

  • BA (1984), PCEd (1989), MEd (1994), the University of Hong Kong
  • Registered Teacher


  • School Teacher, 1986-1995
  • Lecturer, the Hong Kong Institute of Education, 1995-2006
  • Principal of secondary school, 2007-2009
  • Part-time Lecturer in various institutions, 2009-2012
  • Member of the Legislative Council (Education), 2012-

Professional Affiliation and Social Services:

  • Hong Kong Professional Teachersí Union, 1986-
  • Part-time Member, Central Policy Unit, 1998-1999
  • President, Comparative Education Society of Hong Kong, 2002-2004

Email address: [email protected]

Key achievements in the past four years:

  • Establishing the “HKU Alumni Concern Group” and serving as its Convener, organizing rallies to safeguard academic freedom, including a protest attended by 3,000+ people.
  • Urging the Central Policy Unit to reform the Public Policy Research Funding Scheme.
  • Raising objections to the Government changing the land use of the ex-IVE (Lee Wai Lee) site. The Town Planning Board eventually agreed to reserve it for “Government, Institution or Community” use.

Targets for the next term:

  • Amending university ordinances so as to enhance protection against political influences from the Administration.
  • Increasing investment on education, replacing contract-based employment with permanent posts, including staff in universities, secondary and primary schools.
  • Fighting for more resources for research and encouraging research in various fields, including research on local issues.

Support from my friends:

Mr. Martin LEE Chu Ming, S.C.

eng1-150x150Founding Chairman of the Democratic Party

There are too many pro-government voices in university-governing bodies, committees of the establshment, and the Legislative Council. Please support IP Kin Yuen in the LegCo Election; we can secure our core values only if we can secure having our representatives in the LegCo.

Prof. Timothy O’Leary

eng2-150x150Professor of Philosophy, Elected Member of the HKU Council

IP Kin Yuen has been a strong voice defending the values that are crucial to Hong Kong’s education sector. In the past year, through my work at HKU, I have come to greatly appreciate the important role he plays for us all in LegCo.

Dr. Vivian CHAN

eng3-150x150Senior Lecturer, the Chinese University of Hong Kong

In the last four years, IP studied the issues of the higher education, secondary and primary education, and early childhood education sectors. He made substantial policy proposals to the Government, and fought to defend our academic freedom and institutional autonomy. He is also planning to right the wrong in university ordinances. I believe he is the best candidate to safeguard our education sector in the Legislative Council.

Mr. CHEUNG Man Kwong

eng4-150x150Former Member of the Legislative Council

HKPTU has been fighting for teachers’ rights for over 40 years. IP Kin Yuen is a reliable representative of the HKPTU: he is principled and fearless. He served as a strong voice for our education sector in the last four years, and I fully support him for a seat in the next Legislative Council.